Jane Addams - Amazing Woman of the Month Series - March 2022

Jane Addams - Amazing Woman of the Month Series - March 2022
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Farmingdale, NJ 07727, US
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Jane Addams was the most well-known woman in the early 1900’s. She created the field of social work, and was the first woman to earn a Nobel Peace Prize. Jane founded Hull House which became the foundation for the community centers of today and she was also a political activist at a time when women didn’t even have the right to vote. She believed in education, equality, art and peace and worked her entire life to further those causes. Though she is an admirable woman with many accomplishments, few Americans know her full story or appreciate her importance. That is why we are so glad you’re here! Jane was a truly amazing woman who deserves some attention!

During this self-guided program, participants will examine how the roles of women have evolved, design their dream house, test their knowledge of our democracy and create a peace dove.

Includes Customized Patch to be mailed at the end of each month. 

Adults can register to receive the patch as well.

Program requirements and link to the recorded Zoom will be found at the bottom of your receipt in the yellow box.


$10.00 per Participant
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